A MOMENT happens every first Sunday of the month at Subterranean Lounge. Each Moment is a stepping stone on the path to the unification and integration of real-time audio and video into a single coherent entertainment experience. The series is hosted by Knightly Productions in conjunction with MF Chicago and is curated by Slava and Lokua. Each month will showcase guest VJs, musicians and DJs. For booking or to get on the mailinglist contact byslava@yahoo.com


3rd MOMENT: SUNDAY November 5th
9pm Subterranean Lounge 2011 W North Ave

Live audio:               A/V                     Live video:      COYOTE                                             MASON DIXON      
GARO                    SHUDDER             The Machinist
                     DJ: Tzusing


Slava’s music career began early with the Chicago Free-Jazz Scene. As a teenager, he collaborated with Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers), shared the stage with The Ruins and performed alongside some of Chicago’s best jazz musicians. Since then he has moved on to production of electronica, however live performance and improvisation are still central to his work. Every performance consists of original material specifically tailored to the given environment, with each aspect of audio being controlled in real time via Korg's Electribe Samplers. Slava's music spans a variety of genres from abstract down-tempo to booty-shaking techno and is continually morphing into something 'other', sometimes right before your ears.


Beat boxing since age 5, Joshua Kleckner started writing raps and making beats in his teens. After 10 years of producing music for various MCs and singers throughout the mid-west he can now be heard stimulating minds and dance-floors at various clubs in Chicago with emotionally rich textures. Influenced by artists who constantly change and evolve such as DJ Shadow and DJ Krush, Lokua has always experimented with various forms from hip hop to house, jungle, and ambient soundscapes. His style has been called “Simple, reflective, and beautiful”. However you want to classify his music, Lokua’s artistic stamp exists to give the listener an experience that transcends genre.




Shanon VS The Stranger

The Great Mundane






Mason Dixon

DJ: Tzusing



MAD EP [Ad Noiseam / Hymen Records] (NYC)
Iowa native Matthew Peters, a.k.a. Mad EP, began his training as a cellist at Northwestern University and later produced the Chicago Symphony radio broadcasts. He has been creating his unique soundscapes with live instrumentations, found sounds and field recordings for the past 7 years in various studio and performance environments. He is a tireless collaborator as a founding member of the improvisation consort the Manhattan Gimp Project, one half of the hip-hop duo Mad/ EQ, resident sound designer for the laptop storytelling trio the Psychasthenia Society, he has joined forces with many artists (including Venetian Snares, Shadow Huntaz, Drop the Lime, and David Young), and is constantly in-demand as a remixer. Refusing to be bound to any given genre or style, Mad EP's music traverses the entire spectrum and fuses ambient, hip-hop, hardcore, breakbeat, classical, jazz, and noise into his own brand of funk. His diverse range of live sets have made him a regular performer in many of New York City's clubs and art spaces and his recordings on Ad Noiseam & Hymen have garnered resounding critical acclaim worldwide.





BLACKDAYLIGHT: Thomas Mccauley is a 23 year old artist from Chicago. as Blackdaylight Mr. Mac is attempting to make good on Fela Kuti's premonition that music is the weapon of the future with his own innovative style of music. His goal is to totally crush all would be competitors, while simultaneously uplifting everyone that is truely down. Socially conscious & deliciously soulful, Blackdaylights self-described lava music is at once as lyrically progressive as dead prez as sonically sophisticated as Radiohead with the succulent sensuality of DAngelo. Mccauley is currently helping build the foundation of OSMiC, the Open Source Media iNNOVATION Consortia. OSMiC is a multi-media company whose interests include everything from visual art distribution to industrial design, & of course music production...OSMiC plays 2 win!

THE GREAT MUNDANE Since the time that he was a child, Jeffrey Acciaioli has been surrounded by music. He has had 7 years of training in classical piano, started playing the bass at 13, and then later joined the Walled Lake Western Symphony. He has also taken music theory and sight singing courses to better his knowledge of music.The music created by Jeffrey has caught the attention of a number of film makers and he has been blessed with the opportunity to score music for several independent films. His unique blend of hip hop and electronic music appeals to a wide range of listeners, and his background in jazz and classic music creates a movement of sound that can easily please the mind of any casual listener. Jeffrey hopes to make a carrier in Audio Visual Media. He continues to score music for films, collaborate with other musicians and hip hop mc's, and is open to working on various types of media projects.





0+1=everything: 0+1=everything is the musical spawn of Ryan Bockenfeld. He started producing music because nobody else was making the sounds he wanted to hear. The music of 0+1=everything is a melodic combination/mutation of a variety of styles including hip-hop, techno, IDM, electro & many musical elements that don't classify easily. The "late night" performance, at 9 PM will feature original music with live vocals, guitar, and general turntable abuse.

-IST aka BIRD: A motion graphics designer, Brian Bird Steckel will perform an audio-visual set consisting of custom graphics synced to original music.



MASON DIXON: The FIRST AIM OF VJ MASON DIXON is to reawaken a sense of wonder about one's environment. His VISUAL ART attempts to stimulate curiosity and bring people to question the relationship with their surroundings. The audience is not accustomed to seeing visual art for which the motive is not obvious, thus these encounters revitalize the viewer's perception and attention to detail. The various reactions and interpretations of the viewers reflect their personality and the nature of their sensibilities.





OAO-3: Donovan Corey Lyons has been creating electronic music and IDM for over five years and has explored several different styles and methods of production. Recently he began to move away from computer production to creating music solely on a small amount of hardware, thus allowing every part of the song to be played and manipulated live and in real time. His music balances between the delicate melodic textures and glitchy sound deconstruction. Everything is performed live, improvised over basic melodies and ideas. New things happen each time a song is played and random experiments or mistakes turn into new songs. Lyons is also the main force behind Team Abunai—an art collective that includes writers, artists, musicians, mathematicians and other luminaries. www.teamabunai.org


SHUDDER: Shudder is a video artist/musician who creates video and music to accompany the images. Shudder's video art is abstract work best described as moving paintings. Shudder has been performing as a VJ for a number of years now. Past live collaborations include the acts Ephnix, Diners Club, 0+1=Everything, Sub-Terror, Rex the Dog and a season of tours with Green Velvet. www.shudder-inc.com

HE MACHINIST: Brian Klein creates and performs various types of electronic music, including noise, breakcore, IDM, acid, electro, gabber, ambient music, and soundtracks for performance art pieces. His sounds can be found on r
eleases and remixes under his own name and the monikers "the machinist" and "e/a" on the terry plumming www.diabolical.org, retinascan www.retinascan.de. Brian has performed live music, DJ'd and VJ'd at many venues around the Chicago area, Midwest US, San Francisco, New York, and has toured Europe. He began VJing on tour last year and has been steadily accumulating a well-rounded list of VJ gigs since then. His visuals combine lo-fi abstract images, videos made with a digital camera, and bizarre infomercials.

TESIA KOSMALSKI started hitting the video mixer about a year ago and is currently experimenting in film/narrative mashups


M50: In recent years Maximum 50 has quietly established himself as a challenging, innovative musical selector. As the host of the weekly radio show "etc" on WNUR in Chicago, Maximum 50 has for seven years championed the music of up-and-coming labels as far-field as Australia's Surgery Records, Canada's Wagon Repair, and Germany's Lux Nigra, while contextualizing them alongside industry standards like Kompakt and Warp. As a club DJ, Maximum 50 has shared billing with Ellen Allien, Stewart Walker, Nobukazu Takemura, Apparat, Andrea Parker, and Mouse On Mars. Maximum 50's charts have been featured in URB, and his music journalism has appeared in the the magazines Flavorpill, BPM and Time Out Chicago. www.m50.net

With the 00’s came a number of major encounters. Early exposure to the music of Steve Reich gave _expression to the sorts of experiments that Tzusing could not resist immersion within. Moving finally to North America where he still resides, the emergence of techno in the burgeoning Chicago scene, through Magda, Tadd Mullinix, Diplo, and Theo Parrish provided the key influences for the present set of constructions and elemental forms. At the present, Tzusing attempts to prepare species of the minimal techno sort. But undoubtedly, the present arc is far from hygienic. Sources from hip-hop, rock music, and the occasional samba line condense within and without Tzusing’s mental states. The future will inevitably include multiple transformations, each as fluid as past and present lines.